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99 /month
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Premium plans include unlimited usage of:

phone_android Devices

Use premium devices - latest popular devices: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G6 and many more

format_line_spacing URL and Scroll sync

Blisk synchronizes URL and scroll position for both mobile and desktop. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and scroll position

camera_alt Screenshots

Blisk takes a screenshot of devices or desktop in one click and saves the screenshot in the cloud. You can share screenshots with teammates or attach them to bug reports

videocam Screen recorder

Blisk records your screen and saves recording in the cloud. You can share screen recordings with teammates or attach them to bug reports

cloud_queue Cloud storage

Blisk creates secure cloud storage for screenshots, screen records, reports, etc. Cloud storage powers teamwork and team collaboration

sync Auto-refresh

Blisk refreshes web page automatically every time you save code changes. Try to open IDE in one screen, Blisk - in another and focus on web development

info_outline Notifications

Blisk shows real-time notifications about resources that failed to load and JS errors. Blisk shows stack trace of JS errors and searches for the solution on StackOverflow

border_outer Inspector

Blisk enables inspecting in desktop or device view without launching Developer Tools. Inspector shows information about most important CSS properties

Commonly asked questions

How does Blisk Premium differ from the free plan?

Blisk Premium has the same set of features as the free plan. With Blisk Premium, you can use all features of Blisk without any limits. The free plan is limited to 30 minutes daily. When the free session ends, Blisk disables devices, auto-refresh, screenshots and screen recorder, scroll-sync, error notifier, page inspector, device DevTools.

How many users can use one license? What is your license term?

Blisk license is provided per user. One Blisk license covers Blisk Premium for one user. If you have a team, you need to purchase the license for each user. The more licenses you buy, the less you pay. To purchase two and more licenses, scroll to the top of this page and select the number of users that you need.
Our regular license term is one month or one year. If you buy a plan on the 7th of October, it will expire on the 8th of November.

Can I stop my subscription after purchasing a license?

Yes, you can stop your monthly subscription anytime at customer area of our payment provider 2Checkout (https://2co.com). If needed, our Support team is ready to help you anytime.

Which payment options do you offer?

You can purchase Blisk Premium with your credit card, PayPal, Wire transfer, ACH transfer (US customers only). Wire and ACH transfers can be used with 6+ months plans. Please contact us if you want to use Wire transfer or ACH transfer and provide your company name and address, purchase order number (if applicable), the number of licenses. Depending on the number of licenses (50+ licenses) and plan term, we can provide you with an additional discount.

Why does PayPal not appear as a payment option?

PayPal payment option is hidden for currency other than USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, or EUR. Please change your currency to USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, or EUR to enable PayPal payment option (view screenshot).

What are the team plans and their benefits? Can I scale my team?

Team plans are the plans for 2+ users. Team plans include cheaper pricing and team management options. Each team plan has its administrator. The team administrator can grant and revoke licenses in real-time via email invites. So you can manage your team remotely without contacting our support.
Yes, you can scale your team. Please contact us and request team scaling. Our support will guide you depending on your current payment method.

I have a coupon but it does not work.

Each coupon has the expiration date. It means that your coupon has expired and cannot be applied anymore.

Can I try Blisk before buying? What happens after my free daily trial ends?

Yes! There is a free 30-minutes daily trial where you can try all features and experience more productive development, debugging and testing. When you upgrade Blisk, there are no limits in using it.
When your free daily trial ends, Blisk features will be disabled, and you will have read-only access to your cloud storage. You can still sign in and access existing assets or even delete them, but saving the new ones will be disabled.

Do my co-workers need an account to collaborate with me?

Your co-workers don't need a Blisk account to view screenshots and other data you share. However, if they wish to collaborate on the screenshot page (i.e. commenting), they'll need to have an account.

Who can access my screenshots and screen records on the web?

Your data is visible only to those who have the link and does not show up in search engines like Google.

How does Blisk work when there is no Internet connection?

Blisk requires the Internet connection to get your user permissions (to enable or disable premium features).